Utilizing Alaskan seafood industry by-products and biotechnology to recover marine oils and proteins for a global marketplace in short supply.

Sustainable Alaska Salmon and Pollock Oils and Alaska Salmon Protein Concentrates


Utilize Alaska seafood industry by-products and biotechnology to produce quality marine oils and fish proteins for a global marketplace short in supply.

Our Vision 

To innovate the production of high quality marine oils, proteins, and minerals from Alaska seafood industry by-products and enhance the well being of all mankind while reducing pressure on the marine environment through better utilization of our seafood resources.

Brief Company Overview

Since 2003, Alaska Protein Recovery (APR), an Alaska Limited Liability Company based in Juneau, Alaska, has been using biotechnology and Alaska Salmon industry by-products to produce valuable marine based products for both human diestary supplementation and for agricultural purposes.   We currently produce and market three items:

  1. Pure Alaska Omega (PAO) Wild Alaskan Salmon oil - a cold-pressed and extra-virgin Alaska salmon oil
  2. Pure Alaska Omega (PAO) Clinical Strength Pollock Oil - highly refined, 85% pure, and sustainable Omega-3 dietary  supplement.
  3. Salmon Protein Concentrate (SPC) - a highly flavored, natural, hydrolyzed fish protein

The Original "Cold-Pressed & Extra Virgin" Natural Triglyceride, Sustainably Produced From Wild Alaska Salmon

Pure Alaska Omega Wild Alaskan salmon oil is the only cold-pressed and extra-virgin omega-3 fish oil supplement available in the world.  It is sold directly into the dietary supplement market in softgel form.  It is made in a sanitary and unique food processing facility from  certified sustainable and food grade Alaska salmon.   


85% Omega-3, Ultra-High Potency Pollock Oil

Pure Alaska Omega Clinical Strength Alaskan Omega-3 EPA and DHA is the newest addition the our family of sustainable marine products.  This 85% pure Omega-3 concentrated fish oil delivers the highest amount of Omega-3's in the smallest softgel available in the dietary supplement market today.  The oil is extracted from Alaska Pollock and North Pacific Hake by our partner, Trident Seafoods of Seattle, Washington.  We molecularly distill and concentrate the oil to 85% purity in Ohio, encapsulated, bottle, label, and distribute the oil directly to consumers so we can retain control of the quality from the harvest all the way to your door, and we are 100% American (Alaskan) Made!