Our Company

Alaska Protein Recovery (APR), was created in 2003 to manufacture hydrolyzed fish protein and fish oil from Alaska salmon industry by-products.  APR’s corporate headquarters are located in Juneau, Alaska with administrative offices are in Seattle, Washington.  Production occurs on board a one-of –a-kind and state-of-the- art 260 foot x 60 foot (80 meter x 18 meter) processing barge, the Alaskan Venturer (A/V).

The A/V operates seasonally in a variety of Alaskan ports where large-scale salmon processing occurs.   Alaska salmon are naturally abundant and salmon populations have swelled to a point that salmon returns continue to break all time records.  Good resource management and habitat protection by the State of Alaska has led to the Alaska salmon success story.   Indeed, Alaska’s wild salmon fishery is the first major fishery in the world to obtain the Marine Stewardship Councils’ (MSC) coveted “Certificate of Sustainability”.

Fishery by-products (photo at right)  are delivered to the A/V during the summer salmon season which occurs between June and September.  The salmon by-products are pumped onto the A/V through a sanitary stainless steel pipeline and pump and flow immediately into the production process.  The A/V can receive and process between 200  – 300 Metric tons of  salmon by-products per day.

All incoming raw materials are handled, stored, and processed under the guidelines set forth in our Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Plan (HACCP) which includes strict sanitary operating procedures which cover the eight main points of sanitation and the guiding principals as defined by the U.S. Food & Drug Administrations’ HACCP regulations.  We understand the importance of sanitation and critical hazard controls for the role they play not only in the production of foods for human consumption, but also in the production of safe and quality animal and plant feeds.

APR has developed unique enzymatic bio-technology for the expelling of fish oil at low temperature as well as the production of concentrated hydrolyzed fish proteins and their dried protein meals.  We continue to research and refine our process in a way that will enable us to produce and market hydrolyzed proteins and cold pressed fish oils for human nutritional supplementation.