Our Products

We produce two Alaskan fish oils whihc are avaialbel to the public at retail stores accross the U.S.A.: a natural, cold-pressed, extra-virgin oil, derived from Alaska Salmon, and a highly concentrated 85% pure Omega-3 ethyl ester fish oil derived from Alaska Pollock.  We also produce a hydrolyzed salmon protein concentrate (SPC) which is nutritional product used in large scale agriculture and aquaculture.  We produce the salmon products in ALaska during the commercial salmon season on board our processing vessel the Alaskan Venturer .  The pollock oil is produced on board the Trident Seafoods Entrerpise Vessel fleet.  For more information on each of our products, click on the links below.

1. Wild Alaska Salmon Oil

2. Alaskan Omega-3 EPA-DHA Highly Concentrated Pollock Oil

3. Salmon Protein Concentrate (SPC)