Salmon Protein Concentrate (SPC)

General Description

Our hydrolyzed salmon protein concentrate (SPC) is a highly nutritious, brown, viscous liquid with the  taste and odor of fresh fish. It has the consistency and color of chocolate pudding and is stable at room temperature. 

SPC is ideally suited as a starter diet for weanling piglets and calves, as a larval fish and shellfish starter diet, as a pet food flavoring, and as a palatability enhancer aquaculture feeds. It is a very high quality source of protein in grow out feed formulations and an excellent source of nitrogen for organic agriculture and horticulture.

All of the equipment used for our SPC production is made of food grade material.  All of our products are made under the guidelines of a company Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Plan (HACCP) which includes a Defect and Corrective Action Plan as well as a Standard Sanitary Operating Procedures (SSOP).

Product Specifications

Our low temperature, gentle hydrolysate manufacturing process  and the enzymes we use for hydrolysis enables us to approach an ideal 15% degree of hydrolysis.  The freshness of our salmon by-products coupled with the natural amino acid composition of salmon, results in an excellent quality, highly nutritious, and highly digestible protein concentrate. This protein concentrate is certifiably BSE and GMO free.  A typical Proximate Analysis and Amino Acid Profile can be seen on our Hydrolysate Specification Sheet.