The Alaskan Venturer

The processing barge Alaskan Venturer is a one-of-a kind 260 X 60 foot (80 X 18 meter) ocean-going barge.  A large roofed structure beginning at the bow covers nearly two thirds of the barge’s deck.  The generator, boiler, and icehouse are located on the stern.

 Alaskan Venturer returning to<br />
Lake Union, Seattle for 2005/2006 off-season layover.

The fish protein and fish oil production line is housed within the main processing structure.  All of the processing equipment is state-of-the-art, made of stainless steel, aluminum, or high density plastics, which meet all federal and state food grade safety standards.

Hydrolyzed protein production<br />
line on board the Alaskan Venturer 

The hydrolysate plant is capable of converting approximately 200 to 300 metric tons per day of Alaska salmon  industry by-products into hydrolyzed fish protein concentrate, hydrolyzed salmon meal, and salmon oil.

Salmon heads and low grade carcasses<br />
on conveyor.

All of the hydrolysate prodcution equipment is controlled by the latest in  integrated systems technology, Process Logic Control (PLC).

Control room<br />
screen for the grinder, contherm, and refiner (de-boner) controls.